The Datably Database stack provides the core data services, such as:

  • Connection Management for MySQL, PostgreSQL, sqlite3
  • Caching
  • TreeQL - SQL-Interface
  • Security Features (app firewall, CORS)


Datably does not provide any form access management. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure that no unauthorised access to your data can occur either for read access or for reading/writing/deleting data!
We will and cannot be held responsible for any damage to your data or any subsequent damages by using Datably.



Show Technical Info - advanced programmers can turn on this options to display the API Path in Preview.
Using the API you can use all Datably features from JavaScript.


Driver - select the driver for your database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, sqlite3
Hostname - enter the hostname or IP address of the database host
Port - enter the port of the database server
Database - enter the name of the database
Username - enter the user name for the database connection
Password - enter the corresponding password
Filename - enter the file name of the sqlite database file. If necessary specify the entire path


Datably implements CORS features for the communication between the frontend (I.e. the web interface) and the backend (I.e. the Database Middleware). If you want to learn more about CORS, this is a good starting point.
Allow Origins - specifiy the allowed origins for CORS requests, I.e. clients from which domains are allowed to contact the Datably Middleware:
  • All - sets allow-origins to '*' and permits all clients
  • Site - determines the Site's FQDN from your RapidWeaver project
  • Custom - enter your own Domains. This can be a comma separated list
Allowed Methods - enable/disable CRUD related functionality individually by Create - Update - Delete; if you disable all options, you get a read-only database interface, therefore maximising security.
Behind Reverse Proxy - enable this checkbox if you are running Datably behind a reverse proxy
Activate Firewall - if this checkbox is selected, you can enter a comma separated list of allowed IP addresses, either single addresses or networks in CIDR notation.
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